Friday, December 30, 2016

Mug Rugs....

As a gift a quick extra gift for my Mom, I decided to attempt some braided fabric mug rugs.  I can assure you that for me, this wasn't quick.  I think the braiding took the most time.  I completed six mug rugs.  Here is an example of what I made:

I chose a green and cream fabric.  Here and there you can see the little hearts.

I used the Braided Rag Rug Coaster tutorial at Six Two Seven Handworks.  It is a pretty good tutorial.  I accomplished what I wanted.  There is also a youtube video for the sewing portion.  I did watch it a couple of times.

I guess I will return to the quilt making for a bit.  I have enjoyed working on something besides a quilt for a couple of weeks.  I do have a few other items that I would like to create but maybe I can work out a schedule where the quilt gets worked on and the other projects get worked on, too.   I want to sew some clothes.

Happy Stitching!

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