Monday, December 12, 2016

Butterick 6388 - Misses' Lapped Collar Top and Dress....

I really liked the look of Butterick 6388:

,,. and I have a tons of French Terry in my stash.  I pulled out a lovely green french terry out of the stash and tossed it into the washer.  Unfortunately, it came out with an issue at the fold line.  So, this fabric became a definitely muslin fabric.  I decided to make View C but changed the front slightly by putting a seam in it.  Here's the result:

I actually liked the results enough to pulled another french terry in gray to make the dress.  The dress as drafted was a little short for me so I added 6 inches to the length.  Here is the results:

The dress is a little wrinkly as I have been in the car for a hour before taking the picture.  Originally, I was decided about keeping the pockets.  I had made a decision to use a lighter weight white knit as the pockets but they tend to show. So, I have decided to stitch the pockets closed and remove the extra bulk.

Basic pattern review:

I would rate this pattern as a quick and easy.  It is a great little pattern with all of the options which could make a wardrobe builder.  I made the XL size.  Since I was using the french terry, I decided to use the reverse side of the french terry on the back yoke and the side front to add a little of interest to the dress.  As previously mentioned, I added 6 inches to the length which I added following the length line on the side front and transferring that line to the front and back.

Will I make this again?  Yes, I think I will make a top next spring/summer.

Fit - There was a couple of things with this pattern.  I couldn't figure out how to fix a one of issue.  An issue that I recently learned about is that I'm shorter between the shoulder and bust point than most patterns.  I couldn't figure out how to make this alternation without affecting the sleeve which fit well.  You can see that the dress really needs a dart.  I chose not to try this alteration.

I did use my new serger for part of the construction on parts of both the top and the dress.  It was fun getting to know the new equipment a little bit.  I also tried the Maxi-Lock Stretch thread in the bobbin with a double-needle.  This actually made a beautiful hem.  No tunneling! Of course, some of that could be the sewing machine I was using. I hope that it survives the dryer.  The Maxi-Lock stretch thread is nylon.  Anyone know how it does in the dryer?

I purchased several cones of the stretch thread before I realized that it was nylon.  In the future, I will invest in the polyarn in some basic colors so that I don't have to worry about melting in the dryer and/or ironing.

Happy Stitching!

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