Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns book.....

I requested the new-to-me Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns book for Christmas.  I do own all the previous books and love the idea of the slow sewing and embellishing.  Here's the book cover:

I found two projects in the book that I really want to try: the classic wrap skirt and the poncho.  Both can be seen on the Alabama Chanin website.  I found a good picture of the skirt on the Sewing Workshop blog.   I don't know if I would do a great deal of  embellishment on my skirt(s) but I do want to make at least one even if it has minimal embellishment.  As for the poncho, the best place to see it is on the Alabama Chanin website.  I'm not sure why I'm drawn to it but I am.  This will probably get a little more embellishment than the skirt.

So in between quilting, knitting, and machine garment sewing, I am going to try my hand at hand sewing a garment.  I'm sure my husband will think I have gone "mad". It is something else that I can do while watching TV with him.

Do you like the idea of the Alabama Chanin clothing?  Hopefully, I'll have at least a skirt finished by next summer.  The biggest decision right now is what color and how much yardage.

Happy Stitching!

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