Sunday, May 24, 2009

Projects are being started..

This afternoon has found me setting up "The Behemoth" (I don't know why I refer to the lovely Diamond as that but the name fits) and embroidering. This is the first time that I have set-up the machine up at home and only the third time that the embroidery unit has been on the machine. I'm trying to figure out the embroidery that I want to add to my scarf that I'm going to make. Below is two embroideries that I have picked out. I'm also trying out a new to me backing by Pellon called Wash-N-Gone. I also use a size 50 tanne thread for both designs.

This embroidery is from the Just Lace by Sue Box Creations. It is the Abir Motif. This is a FSL design and is approximately 2 1/2" wide x 3" tall. Making a scarf using this design would mean that my scarf would be just under 8" using 3 motifs or just over 5" using 2 motifs. I think that using 3 motifs would give a look. However, I suppose I could turn it and use 2 motifs to make a 6" wide scarf. I will need to play a little bit.

This embroidery design is from The Kent State Museum collection by Marth Pullen. It is not intended to be used as a FSL and I have embroidered it on tulle. It is a 2 5/8" square. Really, I'm just playing. I suspect that it will fall apart once I wash away the backing. Although I really like this design, I don't think it will work as 2 motifs is 5 1/4" and 3 motifs would be 8 7/8".

I need to look around at the many designs that I have and see if anything else catching my eye. I really didn't want to purchase a design for this. Guess, I will see what happens. The fabric may determine the width on the scarf anyway.

The fabric for the pillow / cushion is in the washer. I have purchased a 1" foam from JoAnn's (yippee! it was on sale @ 50% off). Now, I need to draw the pattern for the cushion. Size will need to be 17" x 20". I can't remember making this type of a cushion before so I will need to do a little bit of research on how to do the depth. I want the corners to be pleated with the piping in the seam. This could be interesting.

Happy Sewing!

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