Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pillow / Cushion fabric showed up today

I'm so excited. The fabric that I ordered from Pink Chalk Fabrics showed up today. Oh, yes, the fabric is bright but it will look really nice on the rocker on the front porch. Of course, I had intended to have created the pattern for the cushion before the fabric showed (I thought the earliest I would see if would be next Tuesday) but not the case. Tomorrow, I will get a newspaper and a square and start the sketching. I can wash / dry the fabric while I create the cushion paper. I don't know that I had the foam for the cushion so I guess I will have another excuse to run over to JoAnn's.

Tonight is a date night. We decided to celebrate our anniversary a little bit early this year since it falls in the middle of the week. This will be number 25 and it's mostly been good.

Happy Sewing!

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