Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another day in the 'burgh!

Today, started off just like any other day except it's my birthday. It is a beautiful, sunny day for Pittsburgh. It's a little bit on the cool side but we can't have everything. So, I headed down to PennDot to get my driver's license renewed. I only had one day left before it was expired. I certainly can't have that happen. Since JoAnn's was nearby, I headed over there after getting the mug shot done and a new driver's license. This particular store isn't one of the giant JoAnn, etc stores but it is still really big. The whole store has been rearranged. The spacing on the rows of fabric are wider and only the top shelf has fabric on it. The fashion fabric section rarely has anything of interest but it was 1/2 the size making it even less of a chance of finding something. The quilt fabric department was same. As I walked around the store, I realized every department looked very scaled back. It looked like the store was closing. I hope that they are not because then it will be a 30 minute drive to even look / touch at fabric instead of 15 -20 minutes. One of the employees told me that they were not closing just scaling back due to the economy. I'm not really convinced. Maybe JoAnn's has too many sales and everyone just waits for the sales to purchase. A store should never look empty. With that being said, I did find the perfect little sign for my sewing area:

Well, what do you think? It seems that is all I get to do with my sewing --"Dream". I really am going to remedy that soon. I may return as there were some other decorative items that would look wonderful in a sewing area - giant buttons, and a giant pair of faux scissors.

Happy Stitching!

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