Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let's Knit!.....

Knit, knit, knit....I've been doing a fair amount of knitting since the first of the year but not on projects.  I've been working on changing how I knit.  I have always knitted with the yarn on the left which most people would call continental but I'm not sure that is what I was doing.  I really wanted to sped up my knitting a little bit so I can work on larger projects.  So, I decided to take the Craftsy class called "Knit Faster with Continental Knitting".  It has taken me since Christmas to feel slightly comfortable.  The class has you using circular needles which more or less forces you to hold both needles in your hands.  Something I'm not use to doing at all because normally I would prop the left needle on my leg.  I have practiced, practiced, practiced and practiced a little more.  I still can not hold the thread and make the stitch exactly as instructed but I am picking the stitch which is much faster than the left handed throwing that I was doing.  The tension is looking good.  I'm not sure that the continental purling is faster than what I was doing but I keep on practicing.  The purl tension is looking good, too.  Maybe I'm ready to try a project.

Remember the hats that I knitted at Christmas?  I still have one more hat to make.  So, I'm going to attempt to make it with my "new" knitting style.  If it doesn't work out, I will pull it out and knit the way I have always knitted.  I'm hoping that it works out.

Have you tried continental knitting?  Did it work out for you?

Happy Stitching!

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