Monday, January 25, 2016

Mystery Update...

Winter has arrived in my arrive.  It is a little late but I suppose that is okay.  Since there was plenty of white stuff outside, I decided to sew, sew, sew (there was a little bit of knitting in there too).  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I spent time working on the Week 4 of the Allietare Mystery quilt.  I'm am happy to say week 4 is completed.  Here is my stitching results:

I may have gotten carried away and created one extra set but I suppose that can't really hurt anything. Now, it's on to week 5 which I just finished reading and doesn't look too bad.  Hopefully, it will not take 3 weeks to complete.

I below to an online quilt guild.  I joined because I was curious but after 6 months I've decided to join in the monthly projects.  There is a mini BOM and I purchased the following fabrics:

I'm hoping that the remainder of the fabrics will be stuff from my own stash.  This quilt is suppose to 17" square.  I'm hoping that I actually finish it and that it can decorate the wall in my sewing area.

That's all the sewing I've been doing in the past week or so.

Happy Stitching!

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