Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun...

Where has the past two weeks gone? I did play with my embroidery machine some more but the table runner I was so inspired to make didn't happen. The snowflakes wouldn't stitch out with the thread I wanted to use. I'll move on to something else. I did get the fabric for the pillow I want to make but it hasn't been washed yet. So, that project is on hold until then.

Work has kept me fairly busy for the past couple of weeks. I've been too tired to think about any projects or work on anything. However, today I was was energized to rearrange my sewing area. DH got me a 3-way mirror for Christmas and it needs to be mounted on the wall. The room where my sewing stuff is located is fairly large room but it is a busy room with my son's study area and the home office in there too. I moved the storage cabinets to the opposite side of the room on an unused wall. Moved the sewing table for the second time this year. Now, the wall where I wanted the mirror to be mounted is open. The room looks like a tornado has blown through it. I do think that it will take me many days to finish rearranging but the big pieces are done. I did get to handle and look at every piece of fabric I own. I honestly don't have too many pieces that are "What was I thinking?" material, but I do have a lot of items that were purchased with "working in an office" in mind. I still like getting dressed up but it is much more casual now.

I did a little bit of shoe shopping today. Here are my purchases: Zappos was happy to see me today. I love the red sandals and really hope that they fit when they arrive. The black shoes are just for when you need something a little bit dressy. We'll see if the low heel is a good idea. I generally wear shoes with about a 2" heel. I certainly don't need anything to make me feel short. Both my husband and my son are over the 6 foot mark and at just under 5'5", I don't know anything else to make me feel that way.

Oh, I did find some beautiful fabric for a tablecloth among my stash. It was a lovely deep green. I did want to make holiday tablecloths this month. Maybe I will be able to get to this by the end of the month. I also found the suede sherpa I was looking for. Oh, I have so many projects that I want to do. I wonder if my family will mind finding their own meals for the next month or so. LOL.

Happy Sewing!

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