Sunday, June 21, 2009

Skirt & Scarf - Done!

Here's the skirt and scarf that I have been working on:

The skirt pattern is View A of the Skirt Trio by Loes Hinse Design. The design is suppose to have pleats and I changed it to gathers. Fabric is a peach linen/rayon. First, this pattern is super easy. Looking for a quick, easy skirt? This is a good choice. The skirt did turn out longer than I thought that it would. Next time, it will be shorter either via shortening the skirt or shortening the yoke. The scarf was fairly easy. I made the lace and it determined the width of the scarf. Finish on the scarf is just a simple hem with the lace attached via a zigzag. I abandoned the embroidery that I had intended for the skirt (more on this below). Anyone know of a good white knit that I can make a top with?

This is the inspiration for the skirt and scarf. I think I did fairly well. I ended up with a color that looks better on me than the original.

Here is the embroidery design that I had wanted to put on my skirt. I was never able to get this design to stitch just right. There were always loopies in the same spot no matter what I did. Finally, my patience disappeared. I must have tested this design about 15 times before giving up. However, it wasn't a total loss. I'm much more comfortable with my machine than previously. Also, I learned how to use the endless embroidery hoop and I played with software.


  1. Darla....what a lovely ensemble. You look gorgeous..and I just love the lace on the scarf...beautiful !

  2. Thank you, Pam! Making the lace on for the scarf was fun. It made me get a little bit creative.