Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lace for scarf is finished...

The lace for the scarf is finished. Here's the picture:

For those who are interested, the design is from the Kent State Museum designs Disk 2 - a series by Martha Pullen. This design was not intended to be used as a FSL. I used a netting as the base with one layer of super solvy then stitched the motifs together.

Today, I plan on cutting out my skirt (Loes Hinse Designs Skirt Trio) and with any luck the embroidery will be started. I need to do a couple of test stitches with the thread that I have as I'm looking for a matching thread. This will take several days to complete. As the embroidery is being stitched, I plan on working on another dress. It will be the Socialite dress by Anna Marie.

Happy Sewing!

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