Sunday, June 28, 2009

Next project...Socialite dress

The past week has found me working on the Socialite dress by Anna Marie. I made an XL and no changes to the pattern for the 1st muslin and I made it into a top since that is where the fitting must occur. Ok, I was really hoping it would be the only muslin but it's not. Honestly, the top fit as well as any RTW woven top. The pattern went together very well and it's quick. Here's a pic of muslin #1:

It's not too bad but where are the gathers that are suppose to be in the front. I double-checked the pattern and I did cut the right size. You can't tell in this picture but I desperately needed a FBA as the top is about 1" shorter in the front than the back. I moved the dart to the neckline so that some gathering would be there. I also altered the pattern for my sloping shoulders and moved the neckline in, the front V moved up an 1", the back moved up 1 1/2". Hopefully, I didn't make so many alterations that I can't tell which changes worked best. Tonight, I cut out muslin #2. Unfortunately, I didn't have any additional solid colored fabric available but the floral would be nice even if it's turns gardening top. Hopefully, it will be sewn up tomorrow as I'm very quickly running out time to get my dress made for vacation.

Happy Sewing!

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