Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sewing Mojo - What happened to it?

I found that the last week of May I was very happy to sew. The minute June started, it all vanished. I haven't finished my cushion for the rocker. All that is needed is the the ties, the piping to be sewn on, and then stitching it all together. I mean really that is no more than two hours of work. Maybe I can push myself to finish it today or tomorrow.

I finally received my order from Fashion Fabrics (ordered 05/19/2009). You can't say that they are very quick to ship. The fabric is a 55% rayon / 45% linen blend. I had to look it up to see what it was. Although it was suppose to be a peach color, it looks very much like a very pale pink. I'm not so sure that it will look good color for me but I have the fabric and might as well make up the skirt and scarf. If nothing else, it will make an expensive muslin. That's part of the problem of purchasing via the internet. Oh, how I wish that there was a nice fabric store somewhere nearby. The closest fabric store is JoAnns and they have cut the fabric inventory by about 1/2. The store looks like it's closing......

I'm a little out of sorts today. I may have gotten 2 hours of sleep last night. Don't you just hate it when you can't sleep?

Happy Sewing!


  1. A skirt is far away from your face. Just make sure to pair it with a color that is a better color for you. You'll never notice.

    Good luck making yourself get your work done. I find that if I can get myself to just do 15 minutes that once I start I keep working until finished. This works on household activities that I detest so should work on one I like too. LOL. If nothing else you'll be 15 minutes closer to being done.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. We'll see what happens with the skirt. I'm making a making scarf, too. That is what I'm a tad worried about.