Friday, December 12, 2008

The week has flown by!

Well, another week almost gone. I did get the wallpaper off the 2 walls in a record amount of time. I think I spent about 4 hours total. Honestly, the wallpaper almost fell off the walls. I don't know if it was the downy mixture but I feel like it was. I have always steam to remove wallpaper before and it's hot and sticky. The border which is around the majority of the room likes where it is at. The downy did nothing to it. The only thing that we have been able to use is a small steamer and it's working well. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for your arms to tire out. I haven't completely finished cleaning out the room either. Here's some pictures with a message from the former owners:

Above is a the message from the previous owners. I'm guessing it means that the room was redone in March 1992. I was only off by ten years on my estimate of when the room had been done. I love finding stuff like this. We have left stuff behind the cabinets in the kitchen for future owners when they are wondering "What were they thinking?". LOL

The pink wall was in really good shape. Hardly any work will need to be done to this wall outside of a little mudding where the nail holes and sanding where the numbers are at. Also, this wall is a different color of pink than the remaining room.

The white wall is a different story. It is not in very good condition. It will take a little more work. Unfortunately, the rest of the walls in the room are going to need a more work. I don't know how long this is going to take but maybe everything will be finished by March. Yes, I giving myself a lot of time because the closet will need to be redone along with the floors. I also will have a phone line installed for the fax machine. Lots of work.

I will be sewing this weekend. I purchased 10 yards of fabric from eQuilter to make some items for Christmas. Yes, I know it is getting close but the items are quick and easy. I was beginning the think they wouldn't arrive before Christmas. It took almost 2 weeks to show up. I love the website but don't think you're going to get your order quickly. This is a normal delivery time for them.

Happy Sewing!

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