Sunday, December 14, 2008

A pleasant day to sew!

Today found me sewing all afternoon. I'm in such a good mood this evening. I decided to make a pillowcase for my nephew and of course, the serger is the best place to start. However, my serger is set-up for a wide 3-thread and I soon found that my tools are missing. So, no needle changes for me. I can live without the needle holder but the screwdriver is a different story. I hope I find them soon. I'm still organizing the temporary sewing area. Hopefully, it will be found soon.

Back to sewing, I made the pillowcase using the sewing machine and the serger. I used the Lisa today since she has been neglected since the Designer joined the team. Wow! It doesn't take long to get spoiled with the fancy machines. After finishing the pillowcase, I cut out a couple of shopping bags and had them finished by 5:30. I'm going to make 4 more shopping bags as part of my "green" Christmas. Then it will be on to finishing the stuffed kitties and some kitty toys. Hopefully, they will get finished before we leave for AR.

Happy Sewing!

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