Saturday, December 13, 2008

Finally! I'm ready to sew again.

The temporary sewing area is ready to sew in. I have the serger and one of the sewing machines plugged in. I immediately serged the edges of the 10 yards of fabric and then to the washing machine the fabric went. If I'm lucky, tomorrow I will find a couple of hours to cut out projects and maybe sew. The serger will make short work off at least one of the projects. We leave on the 26th and all items have to be completed by then.

Today, my DH figured out a way to get the office moved and it still be functioning. My goal is to have everything ready by the 19th to move the office to the basement. I guess that will be my office home for a few months while room is being worked on. March is the goal. I hope we make it. Speaking of the room, DH was able to get another 4/5 feet of the border removed today. The steamer is working well on it.

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