Sunday, December 7, 2008

Room Reorg

Well, I promised a couple of pictures. So here they are:

Above is a view as you would see it from the doorway. You can see that I couldn't help but pull some of the loss wallpaper. I stop myself because I wanted to document the change of this room. I'm sure this wallpaper was lovely when this room was redone in the 80's. I guess that is when the two bedrooms were turned into one.

The opposite corner still has a piece of furniture in it. It will eventually be moved. I just haven't decided where. The basement is the obvious spot but the end of the driveway may be where it ends up. The navy carpeting is going to be used as the drop cloth for this room.

Well, this is where I'm starting with this room. The wallpaper appears to be loose but when I pulled the backing was left so this is going to be a lot of icky work. Hopefully, it won't take more than a week to get the wallpaper off those two walls and I will be able to move on to the border on the remaining three walls. I'm hoping the wallpaper isn't hiding too many surprises.

Tonight, we will be cutting the carpeting and pulling back some of the padding in the area where we think the original closets were to assess the damage to the hardwood floors. If we are lucky, then the floors are in good shape. I'm hoping to call a contractor for estimates on any repairs and refinishing.

No sewing for me today. Hope everyone else was luckier.

Happy Sewing!

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