Thursday, February 16, 2017

Crochet on Your Sewing Machine....

Tuesday, I got an email from Sulky on "How to Crotchet using Your Sewing Machine".  Well, first I thought that it was at 9am and sometime during the day I realized that it was 9pm.  So, I signed up.  What's an hour of my time when I could potentially learn a new technique?

Last night, I pulled out a piece of denim and some 30 wt thread and played.  Here are my results:

 Selecting the correct stitches is certainly important with this technique.  On the left side, the stitches didn't meet up exactly the way they are suppose to and knowing that I didn't have good attachment to the denim I didn't add many stitches.  I have high hopes for the stitches on the right side.  Now, it's off to see what happens when I wash out the water soluble stabilizer.  Here are the results:

You can see that there are places on the left where the stitches aren't attached to anything and doesn't look too good.  However, not a bad first attempt.  The right side looks pretty and is a definite improvement over the left side. This technique is definitely something that you would want to practice before using on a project.

I can definitely see a use for this technique - edges on home dec, pretty edges on clothing, etc.   The 30 wt thread doesn't really do this technique justice.  If I can find some 12 wt thread locally, I think I'm going to play some more.  Also, the denim is a little heavier fabric than what you really need for this technique.  Most likely, something the weight of chambray or linen would work better.

If you're really interested in this technique, look up Cindy Losekamp.  She was the one who gave the seminar for Sulky.

Have you tried this technique?  What are you thoughts on the technique?

Happy Stitching!

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