Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thoughts on Patchwork Skirt....

While looking at new items on the Neiman Marcus website, I found this patchwork skirt:

I like patchwork and really like the idea of using it for something besides a quilt or home dec.  However, this is is pretty scrappy looking.  It is made with suede and lined with silk but it has a price tag of $995.00.  Sorry, I was unable to get a picture of the back.  If you want to see it in person, it is the Marc Jacobs Patchwork Suede A-line Skirt.

A-line skirt patterns are easy to find and with maybe one or two hours worth of time spent on pattern work you could create a pattern for your own patchwork skirt without the glaring error that is one the front of this skirt.  It's not hard to find coordinating faux suede.  What are your thoughts on this particular skirt?

Happy Stitching!

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