Friday, February 19, 2016

It IS So Addictive..

Yes, I have the quilting bug right now.  I've been working hard on the Allietare Mystery quilt.  I was very excited when I started week 5 of the mystery.  It meant that I was getting close to seeing what my version of the quilt would look like.  There were a few days where I would spend 4-5-6 hours working on the quilt.  This is also when I started finding mistakes.  The first mistake that I noticed was some how I had miscounted the Week 1 blocks and was short.  So, I started cutting and sewing.  The next mistake that was found was all of the Week 5 blocks were put together wrong.  I spent hours taking them apart and putting them back together.  I'm now getting toward the end of Week 5 but this is mostly the part where I'm cutting the pieces.  Maybe with the next update, I can show what my version will look like.

So now on to the addiction.  It's not like I don't have enough in my cue.  Besides, the Allietare Mystery quilt, I'm planning on an Ocean Waves quilt for my son.  I can't find a pattern for a queen size version of this quilt so I will be winging it and it needs to be finished by the first of June so I can have it back before he heads off to college. I have joined in not one or two but three quilt sew alongs.  I'm I crazy?  I just couldn't resist.  The first sew along was with the online quilt group that I'm a member of and it will be a mini quilt.  I have selected the following fabrics:

The remaining little pieces will be from the stash.  Here's what the little quilt is suppose to look like upon completion:

This is my very first mini quilt.  Hopefully, I will get it completed.  It is suppose to be finished sometime in the fall.

On to the next quilt....Oh, yes, this one is going to be a year long event with 100 blocks.  It is the Splendid Sampler.  I think this will be a lot of fun.  The blocks are going to be 6" square.  Again, small blocks but this is going to be busy working with this.  They're on block 2 and I'm not.  Here's the fabric that I selected:

This is Kindred Spirits from Moda.  Someone else posted this bundle on the Splendid Sampler group and I had to have it.  I'm not sure that there is actually enough "darks" in this bundle so I may add to it.  The Splendid Sampler is hosted by Pat Sloan and host of other designs.  It should be a real learning experience.  You can find information at

As if this isn't enough to keep up with, I'm also going to try to do Pat Sloan's 2016 Mystery Quilt - My Secret Garden.  It's already up to block 2 also but I haven't gotten any fabric together for it yet.  You can find information regarding this mystery quilt on Pat Sloan's blog.

So, does it look like I'm going to be busy with quilting stuff?  I don't know how I'm going to get my other sewing done and my knitting.   I suppose this is one way to keep busy.  I will now need to work on some kind of organization solution so I can keep with all of these quilting projects.  I was thinking that maybe the clear plastic shoe boxes would work for some of it.  I'm open to any ideas.

Happy Sewing!

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