Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Did You Ever Have A Project...

..that you put off forever because you didn't know where to start?  I've had this basket for a long time:

The blueberry blue really don't match my red, green, and off white decor.  It is one of those projects that should be relatively easy.  However, I never put in the effort to figure out how to recreate the liner on the basket.  My sewing buddy wanted to make some basket liners so we decided that this would be a great project for our monthly get together.  With a little encourage and a couple of hours of sewing time, I now have a lovely new liner for my basket:

I am very pleased with my new liner.  The color is much closer to what I wanted in my living room.  This was so easy that I am sorry that I put off making the liner for so long.  Here's the basket in my living room:

For now it will hold a pair of large pillows.  Those pillows can hid a lot of stuff under them.

I will never put off making a basket liner again!

Happy Stitching!

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