Tuesday, February 2, 2016

6-Piece Sewing...It's Time For Spring....

I saw that the spring 6-Piece information had been posted today.  I never did do anything with the winter 6-piece except dream a little.  However, I have a big trip for later this year and I need to think about things that will pack well.  Maybe I'll be able to join in.  The spring 6-piece is:

1. Jacket or cardigan in a neutral color
2. Jacket or cardigan in a color
3. Pants or skirt in a neutral color
4.  Pants or skirt in a color
5.  Top in a neutral color
6.  Top in a color

Looks easy doesn't it?  Really if you followed through on wardrobe planning at the end of the year there would be 24 pieces that should be interchangeable.  I never seem to plan that well.  Maybe that is something to strive for.

I don't really need any additional jackets or cardigans but I do need tops and bottoms.  So, I will be plan on that attempting 4 tops and 2 bottoms.  I really need to dive into the stash as I know I have lots of fabrics in there that would be appropriate for this particular 6-piece and will work for my trip.  No, I'm not going to call any particular project out but be sure that it will all be easy sewing.

If you want to let more about the 6-piece sewing, check it out over at Artisan's Square.  Join in the fun.

Happy Stitching!

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