Monday, November 2, 2015

Table Runner Finished....

Back in April and May, I was working on sewing curves for a table runner using 1/4" Curve Master Presser Foot.  Unfortunately, very little sewing occurred over the summer.  I did get the backing ready which would have been okay had I been hand quilting the table runner but I ended using this project on my sewing buddy's new quilting frame.  This meant that I had to add fabric around the outside edge.  It worked out okay.  My table runner will not be double-sided as was originally intended.  So, here's the finished project:

I think it turned out pretty good.  This is the second time that I have done free motion quilting (FMQ).  I can't say that I really getting better at FMQ but I can say that this could be very addictive.  I didn't enjoy the FMQ so much on the Behemoth but that could be because I didn't have a big surface to work with which makes it hard to move the quilted item around.  My first attempt at FMQ was when we did the Trapunto project in January.  You can read about that here and the finished project is here.  My friend's quilting frame made this really pretty easy.  I think with practice it could be a lot of fun.  We were using a frame that she had built with a Singer model 15 for the stitching.

I also tried another new to me technique.  I machine stitched the binding.  This involved using this foot:

This is a left edge topstitching foot.  I collect many feet but don't always know what to do with them after getting them.  This was a perfect application.  Here's the table runner on my table:

My living room is a little on the dark side but you can kinda see the table that the table runner is on.  Looks like I have a runner for next spring/summer.  Now, I need to work on additional runners for other seasons.

Happy Stitching!

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