Monday, November 23, 2015

Serger: Two Thread Narrow Overlock...

Have you tried the 2-thread narrow overlock stitch?  This weekend I had a lot of 1/4 yard cuts of fabric that needed to be washed.  The stitch that I would normal use is a 3 or 4-thread overlock or whatever stitch was currently set up but I decided to branch out and try something new.  So, I looked up the information on the 2-thread narrow overlock.  Here's what it looks like:

This sample has already been washed and the 2-thread narrow overlock did the job of stopping the fraying very well.  I'm so happy that I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try something "new" to me with my serger.  It's really a shame that I don't try more of the stitches on my machine.

Unfortunately, the experience of stitching so much fabric brought my machine to it's knees.  I only got the edges of about half the fabric stitched when I started having issues with what seemed like the motor seizing.  I played with it a little and then decided that maybe I should just take it in for service.   My machine is is 12 or 13 years old.  I'm truly hoping that it's not the motor.  They always tell you it is dirty when you take it in for service.  Yep, this is going to be very dirty.  I did try cleaning it and giving it a little oil but that did little to help with whatever the problem is.  SIGH!   I guess Tuesday I will make the hour or so drive to take it in for service.  Now, where is that GPS?

Oh, my sewing machine happily finished stitching the edges of the remaining fabric. It just took another 2-3 hours to finish it up.

Happy Stitching!

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