Monday, May 4, 2015

Threads arrived...

The June/July Threads arrived this past week and I finally got the chance to look/read through it.  The cover caught my eye with the "Rediscover the Ruffler" and "New Techniques for Accurate Fitting".

The first one the I read was the ruffler article.  I had done a small series of posts on the ruffler last summer.  I had meant to more spend my time figuring things out.  Maybe I will add additional information on gathering and pleating in the future.  Here's the links to the posts: The Ruffler Foot, The Ruffler Foot - Beginning the Exploration, and The Ruffler Foot - Gathering Part 1.  The Threads article is full of pretty pictures and gives an example of how to calculate the necessary fabric.  I have not worked through it to see how accurate it is but I would love to hear about it if you do.

Then, I read through the new techniques article.  You know there wasn't a specific article "New Techniques for Accurate Fitting".  I did find two articles on fitting though.  One was fitting the bust and the other was skirt fitting.  I think I will need to spend much more time with the bust fitting article to digest what she is trying to say.  I may even need to work through the whole process to figure it out.  The skirt article was really good but to follow it exactly would most likely be a two person job.  It was for fitting a straight skirt.

There was also an article on sewing piping without puckers.  It suggested that the puckers were caused by too much thread and staggering the seams was the answer. Of course, I had to double-check the a slipcover that I had made to see how I had inserted the piping.  It was really hard to tell but I would have to say the I put the piping in the bias strip and stitching it in.  Then, using a piping foot to sew all the parts together.  There was no indication that I had basted the piping to one of the layers of fabric.  Although, I am very sure that I would have snug the stitching by moving the needle over on click.  This would have staggered my seams without me thinking about it.  Sorry, I couldn't find a picture other than the one on Pattern Review and it's really too small to see the piping other than to know it is there.

Hope you're enjoying your issue of Threads.

Happy Stitching!

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