Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wardrobe Considerations...

The planned sewing hasn't occurred yet.  However, I have found a couple more items.  This time it was Christopher & Banks.  I was surprised when I went in over the weekend with the color range.  There was a lot in the black, gray, rose/fuchsia, and teal colors.  Here's my additions:

This is the Modern Downtown Pant is charcoal. They are made in ponte and I hoping that it is a nice fabric.

The second item was a shirt:

Yep, it is a teal and grey shirt.  I was happy to find this as I seem to be lacking in tops right now.

I have also found two additional skirts similar to this:

One is black and the other is charcoal grey.  Both skirts are from previous seasons.

The two vests that I had intended to make I had originally thought that the fabric was black and charcoal grey but upon further examination of the fabric they are both dark blue.  Yes, the dark blue will still work with the charcoal grey just fine and it maybe with the black with the right top but now they are just extras.  I will still make them because I think will need them this winter but I may have to add another vest but how many vests do you need?

Happy Stitching (or Shopping,lol)!

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