Monday, September 8, 2014

Gardening...The August Totals

Whew!  The garden was busy in August.  I realized today that I missed recording stuff from 8/29 to 8/31.  I know I was busy picking stuff, I just don't know what.  Here are the totals:

1.  lettuce - 4 lbs 8 oz
2.  peas - 3 5/8oz
3.  cilantro - 1 1/8oz
4.  basil, fresh - 1 3/4 oz
5.  oregano, fresh - 1/4oz
6.  swiss chard - 1 lb 4 3/8oz
7.  broccoli - 1 lb 15 3/8oz
8.  parsley, fresh - 5/8oz
9.  beans - 12 lbs 3 1/4oz
10.  squash - 3 lbs 6 7/8oz
11.  hot banana peppers - 4 lbs 6 1/4oz
12.  jalapeno peppers- 2 lbs 4 5/8oz
13.  wax beans - 1 lb 1oz
14.  tomatoes - 82 lbs 14 3/4oz
15.  carrots - 2 lbs 3oz
16.  beets & greens - 2 lbs 6 3/4oz
17.  spaghetti squash - 16 lbs 6 1/2oz
18.  tomatillos - 4 lbs 8 3/4oz

That feels like a lot.  Many of the peppers, tomatoes, beans and tomatillos were canned.  Some were given away.  The rest we ate.  My husband also requested that I can additional quantities of the Amish Hot Mustard.  He has taken a liking to it and so has one of my neighbors.

Sorry, no garden pictures this month but we have been having fun with the outdoor camera.  Even though I live in the suburbs, there is a lot of wildlife.  There was even a few surprises. Cats and raccoons were the main items that triggered the camera.  The raccoon was big enough that I wouldn't want to meet/surprise him in the dark.  I know he is the animal that takes swipes at the tomatoes.  The surprise was the hen turkeys that were roaming in the backyard and the little boys getting into my garden.  I wish they weren't in there pulling on the plants but it does explain the branches of items laying on the ground.  Of course, there are pictures of the deer helping themselves over the fence but they don't eat too much of the tomato plants.

In addition to the garden, I have been working in a quilt.  The top is all finished.  I just need to work out how I'm going to piece the back and then attempt to quilt it. Yes, I'm going to quilt it myself.  Wish me luck.

Happy Stitching (or gardening)!

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