Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Fall Ya'll..

My time flies when you're having fun!  We've been busy finishing up gardening stuff.  Some things will stay till the bitter end - lettuce and other greens.  We still need to replant some spinach in the garden for spring and lettuce in the green house but it will get done.

How are you fall projects going?  I've been working hard on the baby quilt.  The piecing and quilting are all finished.  I just need to finish up the binding and wash it.  Then, I can send it off to the sweet little girl it is intended for.  After it arrives at her location, I will post pictures.

I need to decide on my next projects.  I thinking that I should make some quick items for myself.  Tops would be good.  I have several knits and some sweater knits that are all begging to be made up into something nice.  I just need to figure out a pattern.  I have the new fall Silhouette patterns coming soon.  Hopefully, at least one of those will get used.  Our first monthly get together is coming soon and I'm planning on a mantle cover for the holidays.  I need to finish getting everything ordered or there will not be much sewing going on.  So, here's my short little list:

1.  a couple of knit tops for me
2.  two vest for me
3.  holiday mantle cover
4.  coat

Looks like I need to get hopping on this stuff.  Maybe I will get a couple of knits in the washer tonight.  That will get me going.

I also need to figure out a knitting project that I can take to the monthly knitting group.  It will be nice if it could be a gift item but that may not be the case.  It just needs to be something that I can easily pick up and put down.  I don't think my sweaters fit in this category.  Speaking of sweaters, I really need to get going on the two I have planned or winter will be over before I get a chance to wear them.

Happy Stitching!

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