Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What a week....

I returned from Quilt Market late Sunday night exhausted but Quilt Market was exciting. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures at the market but I did bring back lots of goodies.

Fast forward to Tuesday evening, it is noted by us that my 18+ year old cat is not acting right. We help her to the water bowl, the kitty box, the food, and put her in her bed knowing that this will be the last time we do so. This morning, she had lost interest in all the things that she loves (particularly getting in the shower right after someone has taken a shower). I call the vet and explain what is going on. He tells me to bring her in as soon as I can. I called my husband because I did not want to face the vet and the decision that I knew was coming. So, I went home and gathered her up and talked to her. She is now in kitty heaven. I have spent the majority of the day crying. Why do we get so attached to little animals? I know that this is best. She had kidney disease and I have been giving her fluids daily for more than a year. My sweet little friend will be missed.

Fast forward to Wednesday evening, I get a phone call that my Dad has been taken to the hospital. My Mom thinks that he has had a stroke. So, here I am, hoping that my day doesn't continue to spiral downwards. Hoping that my mother is wrong about the stroke. Hoping that my Dad is OK. Wishing that I was in AR with my family instead of PA. Please pray.

Sorry for the sad post. Maybe I will go serge some fabric to keep busy while I wait.


  1. {{{{Darla}}}}} So sorry!! Prayers and good wishes headed to you.