Sunday, May 8, 2011

One step closer to sewing....

The order arrived from but the excited ended when I found a large piece of bright green synthetic instead of the white cotton lawn that I had ordered. Sigh...that was the second order this past week that had something wrong with it. Both companies has resent the orders.

Today, I decided to go ahead and trace some patterns. The first one I traced was the Cool Cardigan - Draped Front. I followed her directions and selecting a size and was very surprised at the size. I going to go ahead and try the size because it's just fabric and can be replace. Then discovered that the directions in the pattern were for a different pattern. ARGH! I sent Pamela an email to see if I could get the instructions emailed. On to another pattern. Next I traced Amy's skirt pattern by Silhouettes. This went extremely well. I need to dig through the stash and see what I have that will work as a muslin. Instructions are minimal but it doesn't look like it will be difficult at all.

Happy Sewing!

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