Saturday, June 19, 2010

I love getting new books!

Today, I received a copy of "Sewn Spaces" by Joel Dewberry. I have glanced through the book and checked out all the projects. I was surprised to see patterns in the book. It wasn't mentioned in the description.

Just like so many books over the last few years it starts out with the techniques section but what makes it a little bit different is, is it not just sewing. Oh, there is a very basic info on stitches from the sewing machine but also hand embroidery stitches, glass etching, how to cover a button, etc. You get the idea. Of course, all the techniques discussed are used in the projects.

This will be a "shop" copy for the office/store. I plan on making a few of the projects to decorate with - farmer's tote, bird sachet (used as a pincushion), memo board, hanger cozy, fabric roses, etc. I'm hoping that my son can help out with the projects a little bit. I'll try to remember to post pictures as I work on these projects. However, I have a lot of projects and not a lot of time to work on them. Guess, I'll see how it goes. I do have a sewing machine at the office now.

Happy Sewing!

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