Sunday, August 24, 2008

Floor Pillows

Well, I never did get to turn on the sewing machine yesterday and I may not today but I will be cutting out the fabric for a pair of floor pillows to add to the play room. Of course, they can easily travel to the family room if they're needed. Here's the basics:

I think tonight I can get the fronts and backs cut out, and maybe get the binding cut out once I figure out how much I need. Each pillow will have piping and the opening will be a zipper. I will need to run to JoAnn's for zippers because I do not stash zippers of that length. One pillow will be a red twill and the other pillow will be a blue & white strip denim. I may even swap the piping so that the red pillow will have the blue & white piping and the denim pillow will have the red piping.

Happy Sewing!

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