Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Thread and Lint...

I've been working on quilts almost continuously since last fall.  The first quilt was a mystery quilt (still needs binding), bound a quilt that my grandmother made, and I working one a quilt for my son. I have been using Mettler Metrosene Poly and this thread seems extremely linty to me.  Anyone else had an issue with this thread?  I have been cleaning my machine every time the bobbin runs out and getting a huge pile of lint.  I do realize that fabric makes a contribution.  The lint pile is about the size of a nickel every time I clean.  I've been taking the bobbin area completely apart cleaning the entire area around the bobbin case area, the feed dogs, and the presser foot.  Now, that I'm thinking about I don't clean anything with the upper path and wonder if I should be.

What thread to you use that doesn't produce large quantities of lint?  I will continue using the thread that I have until the box is empty but I'm willing to try a different brand.

Actually, I think the Mettler thread that I have actually produces more lint than the Dual Duty brand.

Please give me your thoughts on thread brands.

Happy Stitching!

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