Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Patterns...

You know I can't really resist purchasing new patterns with each new season.  It's not as hard as it use to be but it's still hard.  With the last big sale at McCall's, I indulged in new patterns. I really want to think that they will get used.  Here they are:

This is 7351.  I love the idea of a shirtdress and already have a chambray fabric ready.  I selected this pattern because of the separate cup sizing.  I'm hoping that I don't have to make as many changes to the pattern.  After receiving this pattern, I realized that the skirt is very full.  I do not care for that much fullness and will be paring it down a lot.

This is 7251.  I really like both views of pattern.  I'm hoping to find time to make both of them.  I really like the thought of a woven pullover top.  It seems to be what I have purchased the most of the past year.

This is 7357.  I'm really drawn to this top.  Love the shape, love that it has a little modesty panel.  Oops guess what? Even though this model clearly shows having a modesty panel on the top, it isn't part of the pattern.  This top NEEDS a modesty panel.  I'll figure something out.  Again, this is a woven top.

Happy Sewing!


  1. i have 7251 and it's a great pattern, and a lot of fun to sew. Enough technical bits to keep it interesting, but lovely simple lines (and GREAT pockets). And the the other top is so different is just a bonus.

    1. Love to hear this is a good pattern. I was looking at it again just last night. I need to locate a muslin fabric and then I can give it a try.

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