Monday, May 23, 2016

Grandma's Quilt Pattern....

I received a card from my Mom this past week with a surprise.  Included in the card was a quilt pattern that my Grandmother had created and was published in the Kansas City Star in April 1938 except I have the original pattern with just a picture from the paper.  Here's what I received:

How cool is that?  I knew that my Grandmother had been published.  I have a book where she is acknowledged as the designer of a particular flag pattern.   This was her hobby during that time period.  I still have the treadle that she used.  On each of the pattern pieces is written what was intended for each block.  The circle is one solid blue, the bottom of the fan blade is 4 white, the upper portion of the fan blade was 20 different prints, and the final piece has 4 white.

Happy Sewing!

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