Friday, May 20, 2016

It's New To Me.....

I have been looking high and low for this particular Singer for months.  I really didn't think it would be that hard to find.  So, the day before my birthday I found this lovely little machine on Craigslist:

My hubby drove me the hour to where the machine was.  It was set up and ready to go when I got there but unfortunately, the bobbin case was missing.  It was very obvious that the person had never used this machine.  Although they had cleaned up some, I didn't actually notice how dirty it was until I decided to bring it home.  Ugh! The back of the machine was covered in muck.  So, it gives me something to do while I waiting on parts to arrive.  I hope I don't regret this purchase.

Items that I ordered for the machine:

1.  Bobbin Case
2.  Bobbins
3.  Spool Pin (I don't know what happened to it.  It disappeared between the time that I decided to take the machine and when I got home.)
4.  The rubber donut (not the official name) for the bobbin winder unfortunately it is black.
5.  Felt pads for the spool pins and they are unfortunately in red.

Things that I have already noticed with the machine:

1.  Even though this machine has obviously been in storage for a very long time, there is no stiffness in the movement of the gears.
2.  It has all the original electrical wiring which is pretty since it is green but could be a hazard.  When I got home I found a small crack in the pedal wiring.  I did check the wiring for cracks before deciding to take the machine so this must have occurred during the handling of the machine before it arrived home.
3.  Weirdly, this machine is wired into the cabinet.  So much for putting it into a new cabinet as I will need to cut the wire to the pedal to remove it.
4.  There doesn't appear to be and on/off switch.  If it's plugged in, it's ready to go.
5. Did I mention, this is the dirtiest machine I have ever seen.  I was looking at the stitch adjustment plate and could see inside that was about an inch of muck.  Obviously, I will be taking as many plates off as I can to get inside to clean.

Things I have already noticed need work beside cleaning:

1.  The bobbin winder needs to be adjusted.
2.  The tension assembly needs to pulled apart and hopefully reassemebled without ordering new parts.
3.  The chrome is in desperate need of polishing (ok, that is part of cleaning)

I'm hoping I can get this machine going.  There doesn't appear to be as many moving parts as on the 221 that I own which is a good thing when it comes to oiling and greasing.  Off to do more research on the how to clean the machine without damaging the finish. I do plan on documenting each step that I do in hopes that it may help someone else.

Oh, by the way, this little jewel is a Singer 15-125.  It is a twin sister to the 15-91.  My understanding is the only different between the two is a little styling and the color.  I hope I don't regret not getting the 15-91.

If anyone know where to get the cream colored parts for this machine, I would love to hear.

Happy Stitching!

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