Monday, April 13, 2015

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping….

Yes, it’s springtime in Western PA and time for the annual fabric sale.  I managed to make it Saturday morning even though I’m a bit under the weather.  I didn’t purchase a lot but I did manage to find a few pieces. Here’s the take:

Most of these items were a $1 plus change.  I did find one piece that was $2.50.  Not too bad. The fabrics in the lower half of the picture are all quilting cottons. The top left was a nice knit for testing Pamela's knit skirt pattern. I'm not sure what the fabric is on the top right but it was super soft and has lots of texture. 

Now, don’t think for an instant that is all the shopping I did.  I did a bit of shopping from my own little shop:

I had been wanting one of the Ewesful Pincushion (lower right hand corner) and finally got around to it.  The Drunkard’s Path template is for the upcoming technique meeting with my friend.  It is going to about curves.  We’re planning on playing with the drunkard’s path and ¼” curve master foot,  along with free form curves with the rotary cutter.  The Templar I wanted to test printing templates with the printer but in looking at this is shows that it works with a laser printer.  Since it will not melt, it would be great to use with appliques.  The applique kit is for being able to carry a lot a small project when I go places and need to wait. It should be super easy.  Hopefully, it will be finished by fall.

Hope everyone is enjoying nice spring weather.  I enjoyed the weather in Arkansas a couple of weeks ago but not enjoying the Pennsylvania weather too much. 

Happy Stitching!

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