Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring/Summer Wardrobe....

I find that I'm veering from my the wardrobe colors I chose last fall and maybe I should.  I think the point of choosing a set grouping of colors is so that your wardrobe is easy and you don't feel like you have nothing to wear.  I'm leaning more toward blues/reds/pinks so far with the purchases that I have made. I I have only purchased tops so far:

When I saw this little navy top, I had to have it.  First, it isn't a knit but a woven rayon.  I can tell you that it washes up beautifully.  I'm ready for spring/summer so I can wear it.  It will most likely be a top to wear with jeans.

This was an impulsive purchase.  I'm not sure what drew me to it but it was one of those immediate purchases.  I spent a little more on this top than I normally would.   It washed very well.  I do need to check the sheerness factor.  I'm think it may need a cami and I don't remember if it came with one.

I love the blue floral of this little top.  It washed well also but does need to ironed which will most likely mean not worn much.  The fabric is a little on the sheer side so I purchased a matching tank to wear under it.  This will most likely be worn with jeans and maybe khakis.

These two tops match very well in person.  I know the tank will get worn a lot.  These are year round staples for me.

How's the for veering away from black, gray, teal, and rose?  I do like everyone of these items though.  It will remain to be seen whether or not they are loved.

I'm still working on the black & white dress and planning a blue skirt with a matching top if there is enough fabric.  It looks to me that it will be mostly shades of blue for summer.

Happy Sewing!

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