Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wardrobe Considerations...The First Purchases

If you're following along the Starting From Scratch series at , then you know that you should be starting with clothing.  I haven't pulled anything out of the clothing out of the closet yet but I have added something that I find to be important because it gets daily use.  Yes, it's the purse (or whatever you want to call it).  I stumbled upon these lovelies this week:

These were really a splurge for me.  The top bag will be the everyday bag and is already in use.  The bottom bag is for those times when you don't want to carry a full size purse but need to carry an id, a little bit of cash, a credit card, and any other small necessity.  

The everyday bag is a wonderful leather.  It didn't take me long to realize that I had missed something with this bag.  It only had ONE card slot.  How could I have missed that?  I never buy a bag without at least 5 slots.  However, I really liked the other features of this bag and decided that I could make a card holder for the remaining cards.  It will be some bright loud color so it can be found in the depths of the black bag.  While I'm making that, I may make a small zippered bag to corral some of the other small items in my bag.  

See, I did make a reference to my ability to sew.  

Happy Stitching!

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