Monday, July 21, 2014

Wardrobe Considerations…

I've been following the Starting From Scratch series at .  This has been very interesting to follow along and “listening” to the discussion over at Artisan's Square.  Really this is something that I have thought a lot about since reading a book on fast fashion a couple of years ago or so but having really done much about.

Why do I think this has been interesting?  Because there are many times when I look in my closet and feel like I don’t have anything to wear and maybe it’s I don’t feel like I have anything appropriate to wear.  Don’t get me wrong.  My closet is full of clothes.  I just don’t wear them all.  As I have gotten older, I realize just what a waste of money this is.  I would prefer having clothes that I love to wear and wear them than things that just take up space. 

I suppose you do need to start with color just as Janice states because it doesn’t do any good to pick clothes without an idea of how it is going to come together.  With that being said I’m going to start with a black neutral.  I will be beginning by shopping my closet before deciding what I’m going to do.  I know that I have a skinny pair of black pants that I purchased last year that are still in good condition, a long sleeved black t-shirt, and a black cardigan.  I don’t know if all three pieces are appropriate to wear together. 

This has not stopped me from purchasing more patterns.  What can I say?  I love to look at and read patterns.  Here are the patterns I purchased yesterday trying to think toward fall/winter:

This is Vogue 1411.  I love the interesting seaming on the pants.  If I actually get this made beyond a muslin, this could be a nice wardrobe basic.

This is Vogue 9025.  I would not put this in the exciting clothing category but I do see this as a basic for every day. It would be great for layering.

This is Vogue 9018. Again, I don't see this as an exciting piece in the wardrobe.  I do see this as a basic for every day piece.  I would probably add a little length with a belt and boots.

I also purchased this Silhouettes pattern this past week:

This is Robin’s jacket # 1750 by Silhouette Patterns.  If I can get this pattern to work for me, I intend  to use the fabric with a black fold-over elastic:

I will post as the items come together.  I will not kid myself thinking that I will make everything because I know I won’t.  I am very slow when it comes to sewing.  I love to sew but getting in the room with the machines is the difficult part.  There are just so many hours in the day and I get pulled in a lot of different directions.

I have also added three new fabrics to the stash (maybe I should be shopping the stash before buying):

I'm  planning a knee length coat.  I will share the pattern at a later date.

I'm planning a dress for this one.  I will share the pattern at a later date.

This is one of those why did I purchase it.  I never seem to get around to returning items.  It's suppose to be a dark brown but is truly a weird color.  It is more of a taupey brown color rather than the dark brown I thought I was getting.  It also most likely will not fit too well into the wardrobe color scheme but it will be useful for trying a pattern and possible loungewear.  

Now, if I follow the doctor’s directions, I should be repeating this exercise about every 20 lbs of weight loss.  Let’s see how far I can get.

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