Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fall Patterns 2014

I noticed that there are new patterns for fall out.  However, I don't see a lot that really interest me.  Here's what I thought was interesting:

This is the M6993 - skirts and belt.  I love the skirt with the shaped waist in the menswear stripe.  Notice it has a very high waist.  Is this a 40s look? This is part of the Archive Collection.  Unfortunately, that is it for McCall's.

This dress is V1407.  I could see myself wearing this knit dress.  It is really spectacular.

This dress/jumper is V9025.  Although this is not a exciting, I do think that it would be a very versatile piece in a wardrobe.  In a good basic neutral, it could be dressed up or down depending on what you wore with it.

This pant is V1411.  It has interesting seaming.  It could be basic garment, also.  This is designed for knits or stretch wovens.

This pant is V9032.  I'm not particularly interested in the view shown but I do like the fitted version C.  It might be a nice alternative in a stretch denim.  The top shown is V9029.  If you take away the froufrou, it is a good basic top.  I like the top without all the ruffles.  I wonder if this top would work under the V9025 jumper with the ties.

This jumper is V9018.  Again, I think this could be a good solid basic in the longer length and belted. This could be a make or break with the accessories.  That's it for the fall Vogues.  

I did check out the early fall Simplicity offering but I didn't see much of interest. That website has been really strange the last few weeks.  I haven't been able to open any detail screens.  

What are your thoughts on the items that I selected?  Like it, like some of it, hate it.  

I going to try to put a little more thought into the items that I make/buy for the coming fall/winter season.  I would really like to have a wearable wardrobe.  I enjoy the creating process but I don't particularly like having things that I don't wear hanging around.  After the winter we had last year, I want to make sure that I have items that can be worn in layers for warmth.  My office is in a very old building and it is very cold.

Happy Stitching!

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