Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Issues With Patterns....

Have you ever found an issue with a pattern?  I have.  Sometimes the issues are minor and sometimes they are not.  How do you handle an issue?  When do you usually find out there is an issue?

I learned a valuable lesson this past weekend and I'm very happy that I had not cut out the pattern in the intended fabric but in a very pink fabric (yes, it was one of those "What were you thinking?" moments when I found it).  Testing a pattern with a muslin is mostly something new for me.  As I have aged, there are more fitting issues that need resolution.

I was using a Silhouettes pattern and I followed the instructions for deciding on a size to the "T".  So you can imagine my surprise when the jacket was skin tight.  First, I was horrified with the thought had I gained that much weight since I traced out this pattern.  The muslin and pattern tracings hit the trash.  When I calmed down, it was decided to trace the next size up because I really want this jacket to work.   The next decision was to double-check the pattern measurements.  That is when I found my surprise and saw the reason that the muslin had been too small.  I was using a "D" front for the sizing and when it was compared to the "B" front, it was smaller.  That was when I contacted the designer to see if there was a way to resolve this issue.  These patterns are expensive.

Lesson learned:  Always double-check the pattern before starting.

Yes, this takes time to do but I have a feeling that it will take less time and money to double-check the pattern before starting a project.  So, do you double-check the pattern?  What are your methods?

Ok, it's off to decide on another project while waiting on the resolution to this issue on this pattern.

Happy Stitching!

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