Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finding the perfect shoes...

Have you ever felt like the perfect shoe didn't exist?  That is how I'm feeling right now.  I returned this shoe:

Not because I didn't like the style but because I didn't care for the color variations. They were a little too different for my taste.  However, I did replace them with this shoe:

Yes, same style different color.  I think these will be a nice little shoe to wear with dresses or skirts. Just a simple little black slip on.   While I was in the process of returning/purchasing, I added another shoe to the cart:

This little shoe is by a company called "Wanted". I hope it turns out to be a nice little shoe.  I hope I like wearing flats this year.  Although, I do need to look for some sandals, too.  What is the use of a pedicure if you don't show it off?

Happy Stitching!

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