Monday, March 17, 2014

Project Update…

The weekend started rough with us discovering that our water heater was blown.  So half the day on Saturday was spent with plumbers working on the replacement and the remainder of the day spent getting caught up on the laundry. 

Let’s start with the Shelia Jacket.  There was a minor problem  with the Shelia jacket pattern 
 (there were 2 “D” fronts in my size) but Peggy got back with me fairly quickly letting me know how to determine which pattern piece was the correct one.  I have now finished tracing the jacket, checked that the pattern pieces match to one another, and that the basic width will fit.  I did add a couple of inches at the hip using the pivot and slide method.  Here’s the fabric that I wanting to use for the jacket:

There will be a webcast tonight on this jacket pattern.  I’m looking forward to it.  Hope I do not forget about it. 

Next, I traced the Diane Kimono dress.  I pin fit the pattern pieces and was pleasantly surprised that it appeared to fit.  I need to look around for some fabric to make a muslin of the bodice to double-check the fit.  I really think the width is good but I may need to add a little bit of length. Here’s the fabric that I’m considering for the dress:

As for the shoe saga, of the three pair I ordered only one pair worked out.  I now have a new pair of low heeled black dress shoes.  The other two pair have been returned but I keep looking.  New shoes arrive on a daily basis at Zappos.  I’m sure I’ll find something else soon.

Happy Stitching!

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