Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sewing again....

Listen....Did you hear that sound? No, it's the sound of my sewing machine being used. Oh, it feels so good to have one of my machine going again. I've been sewing since Sunday just about every day. What am I working on? A baby quilt. I'm not really much of a quilter but I was inspired by the January issue of Martha Stewart's Living. Of course, there aren't really any instructions other than very basic information like the size of the starting square and the width of the strips. I should have the quilt top finished tonight. Then, the challenging part starts. I will be working with Minky for the first time. I want this little quilt to have lots of texture and interest and it's going to. I post a picture next week after it is all it is all finished assuming I survive the Minky.

Happy Sewing!

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