Friday, April 22, 2011

Blankie is finished....

I finally finished the baby blanket a week later than I had intended. I think it turned out really cute. Here it is:

It's an exaggerated log cabin. I used seersucker fabric for the top and minky for the back. Yes, I forgot to take pictures with the back showing but it was a very pale yellow minky. This was my very first time working with the minky and I did a lot of research before cutting it. Surprisingly, I did not have a hard time sewing the minky with the machine. I used many, many pins and made sure that the minky was next to the feed dogs.

How did I do on my first quilt project in years?

I haven't decided yet what my next project is but I was thinking about the Swing Shift jacket pattern by Sewn square one for your style or 1 little girl version of the Vintage Baby Bubble pattern by Petite Poche (Wendy Schoen).

Happy Sewing!

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