Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anyone watching Peggy Sager's webcasts?

Has anyone been watching the Peggy Sager's webcasts? I've been watching these over the last few weeks. Sometimes, I there live and sometimes, I have to watch the replays. Let me tell you, she makes everything seem easy about sewing. When I was watching the skirts webcast last night, I had a major aha moment. People were asking questions about sway back, skirt backs being shorter than the front, etc, etc. She whipped out the curve ruler and was explaining how to use it to adjust the pattern to fit our body. She made a comment about people expecting patterns to fit them right out of the package and that it just wasn't really possible because of the curves of the pattern would not necessarily match the curves of our bodies. Then, she said nobody waist is straight and don't expect it to be. She makes me want to sew for myself, again.

Yes, I am sitting here with a beautiful piece of voile to make a skirt. I realized after I washed it that I'm going to need another piece of voile to either line or make a matching slip. So, back to the internet I go. Fabric.com does have white voile cotton available. Now, I need to figure out how much to purchase.

If you haven't watched any of the webcasts, schedule an hour and treat yourself. It will be well worth the time.

Happy Sewing!

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