Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where does the time go?

The past week has gone amazingly quick. I have accomplished a couple of things. The office has been moved from the basement to the new space. The renovated room which was soooo big when I started has really shrunk. When I moved my desk into the room, I realized that I didn't really have enough room to move around. Ok, there wasn't enough room for a chair. So, we had to move stuff around a little bit. Not so bad really. I do like the small area where the office is located. I am still going through boxes of office stuff to determine what needs to be filed and what needs to be tossed. I did find the software for my printer. So now, I feel more comfortable about uninstalling it and reinstalling the software as it has decided that it no longer needs to scan for me. We also discovered that the phone line doesn't work.

On the sewing front, not much is happening as I am still digging through boxes. It is a good thing that I don't sew as a need. I wouldn't have any clothing. I'm still eyeing the New Look skirt with the black linen. I'll get there. The pattern is cut out and test fitted. Just need to lay it out on the fabric and cut. I really think once that happens it will be a super quick project. In the meantime, McCall's new summer collection is here and here are the items that I like:

This dress is M5873. I think it would make a nice summer dress in the version with a belt. This is actually a maybe.

This is M5882. I like the basic shape of this dress and it has darts which would make it a bit easier to alter. The only fear I have is that it may present the uni-boob look and I'm not going for that look.

This is M5894. It looks like it would be a nice jean pattern and it sits a little below the waist. I think this pattern is a definite "I'm getting.". The last time I purchased jeans I must have tried on 100 pair before I found something I was willing to purchase.

This is M5900. The craft patterns do not usually capture my attention but I'm going to get this one as it is adorable.

Of course, my "new" pattern cabinet is full. So, I'm being a little more careful about what patterns I purchase. I guess I need to do another purge and see if anyone else would like my excess. Such a shame! As I love them all and really intended to make them when I bought them. Well, I at least dreamed about it.

Happy Sewing!

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