Sunday, April 12, 2009

We're home!

We arrived home Saturday morning at 2am. We were all happy to be home but sad that the vacation is over. We had a great trip visiting the Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, and Grand Canyon in Arizona and Zion in Utah. Everything was absolutely beautiful. A little bit on the cool side (think 20 F to 60 F) but we survived. I was expecting the cool weather but was surprised that it had been snowing in Arizona. I'm ready to return. There is so much to see and everything is more beautiful than you can imagine. I have seen pictures of the Grand Canyon many times but being there was a different experience.

I was surprised when I arrived home that my machine was ready to pick up. I wasn't expecting it to be ready until the end of the week. So, I drove over last night to pick it up and much to my surprise all of my orders were in also. So, I have new embroidery designs and another new foot for my machine. I'm looking forward to trying it the new foot. I am also looking forward to making the time to play with my embroidery unit. The new designs are for the endless embroidery unit so it should be lots of fun playing with them.

I'm going to attempt my linen skirt this week after I finish doing the taxes. Nothing like waiting till the very last minute to get that finished.

Happy Sewing!

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