Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still working on the costume jacket

I have not made much progress on the Ottobre jacket. I had made the decision to change to the patch pocket with a welt to a packet pocket with a flap to make it look more like the jacket that I'm copying. First thing, I wasn't sure how the flap was to be positioned above the pocket. One of the ladies on the Ottobre-English group kindly sent me a link to Expert Village regarding pocket flaps. Here's the link to the video: How to Attach a Pocket Flap. This is a great resource. Go check out all the videos. However, the flap placement didn't seem right. In my younger, I made tons of flap pockets of course I had a pattern and placement marked then. I seemed to remember the flap being placed higher and being topstitched. I was unable to locate any other resource. So when I went to the Post Office today, I headed over to Macy's to see what the Men's jackets looked like and if anything had flaps on the patch pockets. Much to my amazement, it must be the trend to have a flap over a patch. So, I had multiple examples of what the flap should look like. I think that I will be doing a small tutorial on how I went about making the pattern for the flap, and placement of the flap. Ok, I'm off to get these pockets done. They have slowed me down. Halloween is only a 1 1/2 weeks away....eek!

Happy Sewing!

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